Nick Verducci


Born 1953 in North Bergen, New Jersey.  
Music played a major role in my life as I learned to play guitar at the age of 6.  I went on to study classical guitar formally as a teenager. The evolution from writing to arranging, recording & performing music cultivated me for over twenty years. Writing music and lyrics allowed me to evoke my inner feelings and helped me gain perspective of the world around me. The music business has it's demons, so I made a choice to walk away in search for another artistic outlet.

I reconnect with art, by turning to photography.  I purchased my first 35 mm film camera a Minolta XG7 in 1979 spending countless hours photographing whatever I could. Street photography was my special interest at the time. Carrying a log book writing the settings of every photo, once the photos were developed I would check them against the log book. Blessed with a successful 40 year career in Construction Management my artistic needs were always present and photography filled that void. Combined with my love of the outdoors, landscape and wildlife photography seemed to be a natural path.

 Photography allows me to express myself and share my experiences. Much like music, photography provides an insight to my creative side which allows others to see the world through my eyes.

The one correlation between life and photography that I find to be the most sincere, is that there is no such thing as the perfect picture. Like all of us it can always be improved upon,  but what matters most of all, is the moment.  That's what photography is, being in the moment, capturing that moment and sharing it with the world.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my photography.